Wednesday, 27 April 2011

SHRCCC ... A new off road venue for Surrey & Hants.

SHRCCC is a brand new off road venue in Badshot Lea, Surrey.
This project is the baby of Neil Dudman, an active off road racer who will be well known to some of you. 
I met him for the first time at the track, he is nice chap who is full of enthusiasm for his new venture.
Although I know very little about this particular discipline he looks to have all the ingredients to produce a decent venue.

There is a brand new rostrum overlooking a natural grass track. The track incorporates a fast, slightly scary, straight, some tight switchbacks, a chicane and a couple of nice sweepers. It's all marked out with some sturdy but forgiving pipe and puctuated by various jumps and a cool tabletop. Depending on the configuration I estimate a lap to be around 20-25 secs.

The 'Mad Rat' and I were both hoping the glorious Easter weather would hold on until Tuesday. This was to be the final open practice session before the start of the 'Summer Shootout', an 8 week Tuesday evening race series.
It did and the sun shone but on a chilly evening shorts proved a poor choice!
I had never driven on a 1/10 off road track before and wasn't sure quite what to expect, I admit to being a little nervous.

I prepped the Mad Rat, there is plenty of room in the grassed pit area, and made my way to the track.

Ian Mullaney doesn't need much of an excuse to visit the track, especially when it's only 5 mins from work!

As soon as I squeezed the trigger (no sticks here!) the nerves disappeared and I was away. I managed to do a few laps without crashing and I gotta tell ya ... It's an absolute blast!

James Rumble and I managed to put 3 battery packs through the 'Rat' and we were impressed. It was pretty quick with a 10.5 motor installed, it handled well and it stayed in one piece, no mean feat if you had seen our driving and jumping. I think it even surprised a few of the more experienced off roaders who found it hard to believe this was a £50 kit. 

Kudos to the Rat!

The trials and tribulations of off roading. This was neither me nor my fault!

I think Neil is on to something here. The whole place has a good feeling about it and seems like somewhere I'd enjoy hanging out for a days racing. Neil has made a great start and if hard work and enthusiasm is the key to success then he will do ok.

Good luck fella, I will definitely be back.

I still want something bling in carbon fibre and alloy though!

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