Sunday, 6 January 2013

A new year Schumacher Cat K1 fest!

Well the rain finally stopped so I blew the dust off of my Schumacher SVR and toddled off to TORCH for a morning club meeting to blow away the cobwebs.

It was set to remain wet throughout the day so I bolted on a new set of Schuie silvers to keep me pointing in roughly the right direction.

I had made a few changes to the SVR during the Christmas break, some with purpose others just because I couldn't leave things alone.
The main change was some Ghea pistons and a set of the new Core rc springs from Schumacher, I was interested how they worked out.
I hadn't been behind the sticks for about a month so it was great fun being out there banging wheels.
I was pleased with my changes and whilst still being some way behind the quickest guys I managed to qualify A6. 
I was unable to follow this up however and had a disappointing final that saw me drop out early.
Still smiling though.

One of the highlights of the day was wandering through the pits seeing what Santa had delivered to my fellow racers.

There was no shortage of new cars and accessories but by far the most ubiquitous was the new Schumacher Cat K1.  
They were bloomin' everywhere!
This new car is attracting a lot of interest so I took shots of a few of them for your delectation.
(Click on any pic for full size version.)

You will be unsurprised to learn that this example belongs to Schumacher TC ace Chris Grainger who can always be relied on to roll out a beautifully prepped car.  


These belong to other TORCH regulars.

This belongs to Martin, lets hope he keeps it longer than that B44.2!
Nice tidy wiring fella.

Dibble has taken the plunge, but is wrecking servos already.

Not sure who owns this one but I have a soft spot for a red and white striped paint job.

Sean is managing to make his K1 look as wild on track as his SX3, good lad.

Glennn Westwood has bucked the trend and will, this season, be found wheeling the tasty new Xray XB4 at considerable pace.

I can't buy talent but I can buy the cars, I guess I'd better get saving!

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