Thursday, 13 December 2012

Maritime Raceway . . A permanent new off-road venue.

We are now in the icy grip of a UK winter.
It's dark and gloomy outside and even if by some miracle it's dry then you can bet it's bloomin' cold.
What's a southern RC buggy racer to do?
Get yourself along to Maritime on a Tuesday evening that's what!

For the past couple of months the new permanent indoor facility in the historic dockyard at Chatham has been open and attracting drivers from across the South East.
Maritime is a well known touring car club, run by Ian Knight and an enthusiastic crew, that have hosted the Off Road World Cup for the past couple of years attracting top drivers not just from the UK but from Europe as well.
Ian has bought his experience to bear and, with the help of his merry band, has worked hard over the last year or so to produce this great venue.

The track changes from time to time, usually before a Sunday winter series round, but features similar obstacles and is always a test.
There is a double wall of death, a difficult (for me) to judge corner table top, a cross over, some rumbles and a couple of smaller jumps. Add to the mix a number of surface changes including astro, carpet and bare floor and you start to get a taste of what's on offer.

The new track is on the same top floor as the touring car track and is just next door.
Tip: Travel light there are plenty of stairs to traverse!

The new venue has some familiar features including the rostrum, scrutineering and pit areas.

Those who travel straight from work need not worry as another branch of the marvellous 'Maritime Munch' is open for business serving up cracking comestibles to sustain the hungry RC racer.

It's a bit of a trek for me but I have now made the journey a couple of times with some good racing buddies. The reward for doing battle with teatime traffic on the M25 has been two evenings of great racing.

Ian runs a tight ship and even with 60 odd racers manages to put on an evenings racing that includes time for a couple of practice runs followed by 3 heats of qualies and a final for all. Everyone heads for home smiling (maybe!) at round 11pm. 

No lugging heavy pit tables around here.
There are even comfy chairs for all!

You can also leave those extension leads at home as every driver gets their own power outlet.

The SV2 is my weapon of choice.
If you are planning a visit you won't be far off if you go equipped with some worn yellow mini pins for the rear and some lo pro cut staggers for the front.

Likewise for my rc compadre James, he's luvvin the (escaping octopus) sheathed wiring look whilst I retain the traditional approach.
These cars are plenty tough but it's best not to argue with an immovable object.

Rob started off rockin' the rear motor but, in his desperation to beat me, soon abandoned it in favour of his Centro. 

This is the time sheet after round 3.
Some fella called Elliot Boots (Kyosho RB6) was at the top, I'm told he's pretty good.
Some even say he has what it takes to TQ a worlds.

Start at the bottom and work upwards if you want to find me, something to work on.

Thanks to Ian and the Maritime lads I cant think of a better way to spend just five of my English pounds.

If it wasn't for the price of fuel I would be here every week, as it is it will have to be an occasional treat. I'm already looking forward to the next time.

Maritime off road certainly gets a Pipski 'two thumbs good' recommendation.

Find full deatils of everything on offer HERE

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