Thursday, 30 August 2012

Does the Schumacher SVR shell fit the SV2?

I'm not really sure if the SV2 needs a cab forward bodyshell but it certainly doesn't hurt to have one in the armoury as an option should the need arise.
The SVR shell is available from Schumacher at a reasonable price so I decided to get myself one and try it for size on my SV2.
If nothing else it would give me a bit of painting practice!

(Click on pics for full size version)

I had noticed, when fitting up my SVR, some lines and marks on the shell suggesting that it had been adapted from another design.
Sure enough when I offered it up to my SV2 it was clear the SVR shell had been based on that of its sibling.

It was a simple trimming job to cut away a little excess material around the spur gear cover and ream a new aerial hole, both of which are already marked, to make this shell an almost perfect fit for the SV2.

The shape fits the undertray perfectly and apart from the extra aerial hole and unnecessary rear body mount hole you would think it was designed to fit. 

I got to work and spilt some paint on it in my latest colour scheme so that it will be a matching stablemate for its 4wd brother (Here).  

So here it is in all its glory and I have yet another tuning option to confuse and befuddle me!

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