Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm going 1/8 Circuit racing with a Serpent 966 Evo.

They say a change is as good as a rest and I'm not one for resting so change it is!
I am going have a little dabble at the F1 of RC racing, 1/8 on road.

I picked myself up a used Serpent 966 Evo. It wasn't in as good condition as I had hoped so I have been beavering away in my man cave for a couple of weeks executing a major overhaul.

This is the result of my labours.
I am now the proud, excited, owner of a very tidy Serpent 966 Evo.
It is fitted with a full alloy pulley set, blade roll bars and the Serpent 'flex' rear end.

Reaching speeds of 80mph on the bigger tracks these beasts are not for the faint hearted. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that it currently has no engine. Whilst I save up my pennies well known 1/8 pilot Dan G has kindly loaned me a tasty Max Power mill to scare myself witless with.

With nitro guzzling engines costing £400 plus and chassis kits at £500 plus this is not a cheap formula so it's not a class I intend to race week in week out, more of a monthly treat methinks. 

So I will soon be visiting Adur RC club, the nearset track to me that run 1/8 cars, to burn some rubber, some nitro fuel and some cash all in the name of fun.

I'll post up some more pictures when she's ready to roll.

I am promising myself I wont take it too seriously, I really hope I can keep that promise.
Watch out marshals, here I come!

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