Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bullistorm ESC update ... "The Test"

I had decided to use the 60a version of this Bullistorm speedo in my 12th car. A change of plan means it has now been replaced by it's bigger 120a brother.
This is destined to end up in a sportsman stock touring car but in the meantime I wanted to give it an outing so I wired it into my spare Cat SX2. 
Today I gave it a spin at TORCH, an off road club at which I am a member.

Here it is all snuggled up and ready for some off road action. 

It comes with a set of conventional coloured wires but I thought it would look cooler in black.
It is rather pink, never mind I am in touch with my feminine side. 

For those who are wondering here is the good news, the Hobbywing software loaded 1st time with no problems and all settings were subsequently adjustable with the HW program box.
(I suspect this means the SP software would also be usable but haven't tried it)
I decided I was going to give this speedo a proper test and loaded up the 119stock software to power the installed 5.5t Bullistorm motor.
One odd point of note, in order to get the fan working I had to plug it in backwards!

WARNING: 'Stock' software is not recommended for low turn modified motors so be very careful of your settings should you decide to use it.

I ran this car for 2 heats today alternately with my SX3 which is fitted with the 120a HW, for comparison purposes loaded with the same software and settings.
More good news . . . I couldn't tell the difference!
Both speedos performed faultlessly exactly as they should and were as fast as anything else at the track.

Cool beans!

I admit today wasn't an exhaustive test but initial impressions are good. 
The only thing that remains to be proven is reliability but rest assured dear reader if it goes "pop" you will be the first to know.

In the meantime the Pipski verdict is . . .
Two thumbs good! 

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